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The Editorial Board

The Editors are the single most important individuals for the success of this journal, its contributors, and its readership.  For the contributors, the Editors are their point of contact with the journal.  The Editors role is to serve as coach and guide, to help the contributors improve and develop their writing.  The Editor will use the feedback from the blind review process to develop their development strategy for the paper and present this to the contributor. In some cases, the Editor will accept a paper (either outright or after various revisions) and in other cases will suggest alternative avenues for publication.  But in all cases, the Editor will provide constructive, helpful comments and suggestions.

For the readership, the Editor assures that the journal publishes only submissions that are of value.  The Editor assures that the papers you read are original, well organized, well written, and well thought out.

International Board of Reviewers

Members of the Board have the dual role of coach and quality assurance officer.  They blind review manuscripts submitted to the journal.  The role of the reviewer for this journal is constructive, particular if the recommendation is not to accept the manuscript. In all cases, the members of the Board of Editors will provide the authors will comments and suggestions that will make a good paper even better.  One of the purposes of the review process is to educate the author in how to write good papers so that future submissions will be even better.


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Updated 05 January 2009

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