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Volume 8  2009
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updated October 08, 2009
Comparing Knowledge and Usage of ICT among
Male and Female Distance Learners of an
Endowed and Deprived Area in a Developing Country in Africa
Olivia A. T. Frimpong Kwapong 1-17
The Search for the Adaptable ICT Student  
Glen Van Der Vyver 19-28
Identifying Student Potential for ICT Entrepreneurship
using Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicators
Kevin A. Johnston, Barry K. Andersen, Jennifer Davidge-Pitts, and Mark Ostensen-Saunders 29-43
IT Professionals’ Competences: High School Students’ Views  
Ángel García-Crespo, Ricardo Colomo-Palacios, Juan Miguel Gómez-Berbís, and Edmundo Tovar-Caro 45-57
Assessing the Factors Deemed to Support Individual Student Intrinsic Motivation in  Technology Supported Online and Face-to-Face Discussions  
Ronnie H. Shroff and Douglas R. Vogel 59-85
Improving IS Student Enrollments: Understanding the Effects of IT Sophistication in Introductory IS Courses  
Asli Yagmur Akbulut and Clayton Arlen Looney 87-100
Contextualized IT Education in Tanzania: Beyond Standard IT Curricula  
Matti Tedre, Nicholas Bangu, and Seth I. Nyagava 101-124
Culturally-based Adaptive Learning and Concept Analytics to Guide Educational Website Content Integration  
Torsten Reiners and Heinz Dreher 125-139
A Comparison of Student Perceptions of their Computer Skills to their Actual Abilities  
Donna M. Grant, Alisha D. Malloy, and Marianne C. Murphy 141-160
Ground Rules in Team Projects:
Findings from a Prototype System to Support Students
Janice Whatley 161-176
Computer Anxiety in E-Learning: The Effect of Computer Self-Efficacy  
Raafat George Saadé and Dennis Kira 177-191
Information Systems’ Diverse Origins Coming Together  
Anthony Scime, Francis Kofi Andoh-Baidoo, Charles Bush. and Babajide Osatuyi 193-209
Perceptions of ICT Careers in German Schools: An Exploratory Study  
Liisa von Hellens, Kaylene Clayton, Jenine Beekhuyzen, and Sue Nielsen 211-228
Open Source Software Development Experiences on the Students’ Resumes:
 Do They Count? - Insights from the Employers’ Perspectives
Ju Long 229-242

Innovations in Practice

Teaching High School Students Applied Logical Reasoning  
Dan Bouhnik and Yahel Giat IIP 1-16
Realizing Learning in the Workplace in an Undergraduate IT Program  
Anne Venables & Grace Tan  IIP17-26
Concurrent Software Engineering Project  
Nenad Stankovic and Tammam Tillo IIP 27-41
E-portfolio Assessment System
for an Outcome-Based Information Technology Curriculum
Abdallah Tubaishat, Azzedine Lansari, and Akram Al-Rawi IIP 43-54
Virtual Computing Laboratories:
A Case Study with Comparisons to Physical Computing Laboratories
Stephen D. Burd, Alessandro F. Seazzu, and Christopher Conway 55-78 IIP 55-78

Interviewing the Experts: Student Produced Podcast

Gary R. Armstrong, Joanne M. Tucker, and Victor J. Massad  IIP 79-90

ISSN: online 1539-3585; print 1547-9714; CD-ROM 1547-9706


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Updated 08 October 2009

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