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Volume 7  2008
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updated January 04, 2009
A Qualitative Investigation of an All-Female Group in a Software Engineering Course Project  
Anthony Cox and Maryanne Fisher 1-20
Ten Reasons for IT Educators to be Early Adopters of IT Innovations  
Sharlett Gillard, Denice Bailey, and Ernest Nolan  21-33
Adding XML to the MIS Curriculum: Lessons from the Classroom  
William P. Wagner, Vik Pant, and Ralph Hilken 35-45
Using a Problem-Based Learning Approach to Teach an Intelligent Systems Course  
France Cheong 47-60
The Effectiveness of Screencasts and Cognitive Tools as Scaffolding for Novice Object-Oriented Programmers  
Mark J. W. Lee, Sunam Pradhan, and Barney Dalgarno 61-80
A Computer Science Educational Program for Establishing an Entry Point into the Computing Community of Practice  
Bruria Haberman and Cecile Yehezkel 81-100
Critical Skill Sets of Entry-Level IT Professionals: An Empirical Examination of Perceptions from Field Personnel  
Mark E. McMurtrey, James P. Downey, Steven M. Zeltmann, and William H. Friedman 101-120
Towards the Development of a New Model for Best Practice and Knowledge Construction in Virtual Campuses  
Antonio Cartelli, Mark Stansfield, Thomas Connolly, Athanassios Jimoyiannis, Hugo Magalhães, and Katherine Maillet 121-134
A Methodological Review of Computer Science Education Research  
Justus Randolph, George Julnes, Erkki Sutinen, and Steve Lehman 135-162
Syndicated RSS Feeds for Course Information Distribution  
Ronald J. Glotzbach, Dorina A. Mordkovich, and Jaime E. Radwan 163-183
Examining the Effects of Technology Attributes on Learning: A Contingency Perspective  
Jennifer Nicholson, Darren Nicholson, and Joseph S. Valacich 184-204
Changing Mental Models of the IT Professions: A Theoretical Framework  
Denise E. Agosto, Susan Gasson, and Michael Atwood 205-221
Business Informatics: An Engineering Perspective on Information Systems  
Markus Helfert 223-245
Factors that Influence Information Systems Undergraduates to Pursue IT Certification  
D. Scott Hunsinger and Michael A. Smith 247-265
Comparison of Face-To-Face and Hybrid Delivery of a Course that Requires Technology Skills Development  
Gary J. Senn  267-283
Framing Professional Development in Information and Communications Technologies: University Perspectives  
Johnnie Wycliffe Frank Muwanga-Zake  285-298
A Perspective on a Management Information Systems (MIS) Program Review  
Bee K. Yew 299-314
An Introductory Course on Service-Oriented Computing for High Schools  
W. T. Tsai, Yinong Chen, Calvin Cheng, Xin Sun, Gary Bitter, and Mary White 315-338
Twenty Years of Girls into Computing Days: Has It Been Worth the Effort?  
Annemieke Craig, Catherine Lang, and Julie Fisher 339-353

Innovations in Practice

From Requirements to Code: Issues and Learning in IS Students’ Systems Development Projects  
Elsje Scott  IIP  1-13
Effectiveness of Program Visualization: A Case Study with the ViLLE Tool  
Teemu Rajala¸ Mikko-Jussi Laakso, Erkki Kaila, and Tapio Salakoski IIP 15-32
Survival Mode: The Stresses and Strains of Computing Curricula Review  
Grace Tan and Anne Venable IIP 33-43
The Pentagonal E-Portfolio Model for Selecting, Adopting, Building, and Implementing an E-Portfolio  
Nicole Buzzetto-More and Ayodele Alade IIP 44-70
Enabling a Comprehensive Teaching Strategy: Video Lectures  
H. David Brecht and Suzanne M. Ogilby IIP 71-86

ISSN: online 1539-3585; print 1547-9714; CD-ROM 1547-9706


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Updated 04 January 2009

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